Allie Connelly

My name is Allie Connelly. I played sports throughout my whole life but did not start training until I tore my ACL my sophomore year of high school. Training gave me a whole new perspective about sports and how to constantly be able to get better.

I have had lots of coaches through the years but the ones that I really connected with and will always remember are the ones who got to know me personally. My favorite part of coaching is having a personal connection with each person and getting to know them every day while working on things they want to improve and trying to make them feel good for themselves!

I want everyone to feel like the gym is somewhere they belong. Whether you’re a kid, athlete, former athlete, or totally not an athlete just trying to get in shape, we are all here for the same reason. Our common goal is trying to get a little bit better each day we step into the gym and feeling good about ourselves when we walk out. I want everyone to feel confident about whatever their goal is (no goal is too small!) and I would love to be able to help with that.