What is Your Child Doing For Their Fall Activity?


Summer is almost over, and our biggest question is…

What is your kid doing for Fall Activities??

Some of you might be signing your kids up for the same thing as last year, and I would imagine that the reason for their enrollment falls into one of these categories:

  • My kid lives for this activity.

  • My kids friends all play this.

  • I need them to get their energy out.

  • I need them to be doing some sort of organized activity.

  • I did this activity when I was younger and really enjoyed it.

  • I think this is going to be great for their development as an athlete.

  • I think this is going to be great for their development as a person.

Totally fine reasons! We are big advocates for movement in any way shape or form for children. Movement is the most important thing for a child’s development, so as long as they are doing something, it will ALWAYS be better than doing nothing or opting for video games. But have you ever thought about which activity will give your child the best return for their time spent? Here’s a case for why you might want to reconsider your child’s Fall Activity, and why Build U is the best choice for your child this Fall.


Coaches Who Care About Your Child’s Development

We have no wins or losses. No scores. No coach’s son who gets preferential treatment. Our athletes are here to get better each day. Get better at one thing each day, and you begin to build momentum.

Homework- The Good Kind

Part of our Fall Program will include some homework for the kids to do. Easy things they want to do that should take 10-20 minutes, but the best part about this homework is that it will be with things the kids want to do! No kid should have the same homework assignment, because they’re all interested in different things and have different motivations. This homework will help them begin the process of taking ownership in their own development, which will pay HUGE dividends not just immediately, but down the line when it really matters.

Increased Performance & Skill Carry-Over

Let’s say your kid loves Hockey and Lacrosse. Those two sports have very similar movement patterns and concepts, so a kid who’s good at one is usually good at the other. If you know that your child loves those two sports, the most important question to ask is what skills can they acquire that will translate over to both of those sports? In this specific example, time spent on Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination will yield the best results. What Fall Activity would put your child in the best position to further develop both of those skills? Build U.

Self Confidence

Preparation is tied tightly to Self-Confidence. If you know you are prepared, chances are you’re going to feel pretty confident in your ability to perform. It’s pretty simple really. Every single one of our programs is designed to increase performance, and since partnering with Mike Boyle we now have the best programs in the world for increased performance. Results of our program will vary, but there will always be results. When you do something that you know you are getting better at, you will feel more confident in everything else you do! If your kid knew for certain that they were going to be faster than they were last year, their confidence is going to be through the roof! How would you feel entering your winter sport if you were able to run 10 yards in 1 second faster than you did 3 months ago? You’d feel very ready, just like all of our athletes do before entering their sport.

Is Build U the only activity that will benefit your child? Absolutely not. Again, doing something that is based around movement will always yield results. However, enrolling your child in a program designed to benefit areas that are crucial to performance will no doubt give them the best chance at succeeding in their winter sport than any alternative activity choice.

Genetics x Environment

Every parent wants the best for their kids. Much of what we choose for our kids to do, we have control over, but things like genetics we can’t change. If your child is going to be 7 ft tall, they’re more likely to be sought as a basketball player than if they are 5 ft tall. We can’t grow our kids, but we can control the environment in which they work.

Mike Boyle posted an article talking about the effects of genetics and environment on athletic development, and argues that while both great genetics and a great environment independently can have a great effect on development, pairing the two together has a much greater impact on development than originally thought to have. He compares traditional thinking of genetics and environment as an addition equation, but in reality it is a multiplication equation.

Perhaps what I found most interesting is his call into question of what a great environment is. So often I see families trying to get their kids to as many activities as they can, playing on as many teams as they can, with the hope that practice and exposure will bring results (think Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule). Perhaps the best environment for our kids is not being on the “best team”, but instead a place where they want to be and have people around them that care for them.

Check out Mike’s article here.

-Coach Nick