high school/ Athletes

Whether you're a serious athlete, or just looking to get right before the summer hits, we've got the goods. Try out any of our Groups and see what works for you. We will work with you to help understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  Nobody wants to be that kid at the gym that doesn't know what they're doing. Unlimited access to all of our Group workouts. Learn how to work out, and the correct form that goes along with it!

adult groups 

We get people who don't like working out, to actually enjoy coming to the gym. Our Adult groups are fun, challenging yet realistic, and well coached. Each class has a focus on Mobility & Flexibility  improvement to start, followed by a special blend of cardio, resistance training, and strength training. 60 minutes has never flown by so quick, and we promise you'll never feel better. Come for the environment, come for the workout, come for U.

Young Student Athlete program

The whole package. An hour of homework, and hour of working out, what else could a working parent want? This program is great for families looking to have their children learn Discipline, Hard Work, and develop good working habits that will set them up for success in the future.