Recovery Sessions

The goal of our recovery workout is that you leave the gym feeling amazing. Whether this is an issue that has just come up, something that has been bothering you for years, or you have an event/race/competition coming up that you want to feel great for, come in and let us help you. although the “i am just getting older or training hard so this is supposed to be how i feel” is a very popular thought process now a days, we believe that you should feel amazing every day; first thing when you get out of bed to last thing at night before sleep no matter what you are doing. come in and let us help you to feel great today!

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 ‘In March of 2018, I got back on the tennis courts and began to play USTA tennis after a 10+ year layoff.  Having played competitive tennis for most of my youth, in high school at the varsity level, and as an adult, I expected to jump in and be competitive again quickly.  While the actual tennis strokes came back quickly, the physical part of the game was a real struggle for my 47 year old body.  My back and hips were the primary culprits with pain and stiffness limiting my ability to play on back-to-back days as well as my ability to play at the level I was capable.

After a month, I visited a chiropractor for 4-5 sessions and had some relief in the back pain, but no relief in the hip pain.  I continued thru the summer, struggling at times to walk stairs on days after playing and not enjoying the game as much as I could have.  

In November, I attended weekly sessions with Nick to address my soreness.  After the first recovery session, I noticed an immediate improvement in the pain with an added benefit of increased mobility and range of motion in my back and legs.  I was able to learn to use techniques for stretching/muscle relaxation that I have been doing both before and after tennis and even on off days.  This has reduced the pain and stiffness significantly and allowed my game to quickly improve to the level I expected.

If your ability to exercise or participate in a sport is being limited by muscle soreness or stiffness, I highly recommend seeing Nick at Build-U for his recovery sessions.  It was extremely helpful to me.”

-Carl Cotter, Windham NH, 47

“I started at BuildU with rotator cuff tendonitis in one of my shoulders that had been bugging me for well over a year.  I had already rested it, did 12 weeks of PT, got a cortisone shot (wore off) and still it persisted.  Nick and Kris were not only unphased by my injury, they welcomed the opportunity to help me heal it.  They have been phenomenal in their understanding of my shoulder limitations while keeping me working out.  My healing began by making sure that I didn't do any exercises that aggravated it.  Anytime there was a questionable move, Kris and Nick immediately jumped in to give me an alternative.  Never once did I feel like I had to compromise my workout; they just consistently helped me.  Then, they took it to the next level by providing some focused and specialized treatment.  Initially, this included concentrated rolling of my whole arm and back, compression with wraps (torture :-)) and instruction on other stretching/rolling techniques that I could do on my own.  All of this added up to significant progress.  Just recently, I took part in their RecoverU program. I had two one hour, one-on-one sessions with Kris where he provided a variety of therapies that made a significant difference in my shoulder mobility and healing.  I am so close to a fully operational and pain-free shoulder thanks to their approach.  BuildU is unlike any place I have worked out and I have worked out in a lot of different gyms.  I love the fact that Nick and Kris seem invested in fitness improvements for everybody with lots of little tips, technique suggestions and encouragement that all add up.  They are knowledgeable, upbeat, enthusiastic and caring.”

-Betsy Delfosse, Windham NH

"For background, I used to wrestle and play soccer in high school and prior to falling down a long flight of stairs six years ago I used to run about 15 miles per week to stay in shape. The fall down the stairs caused a hairline fracture in my T5. Since then I nearly ruptured my right Achilles' Tendon playing soccer with 20-somethings, have pain in my left knee (had ACL reconstruction and arthroscopic meniscus repair back in '95 and have injured it a couple times since) when I do too much activity which led me to swimming...which after building up to almost 3 miles per week I have rotator cuff tendinitis.  

I have been to a handful of PTs, chiropractors and other specialists, but the main problem with all of them is that they only will treat ONE thing at a time and oftentimes the programs/advice they give me are not realistic because they aggravate one of my other issues they won't acknowledge when I see them since my prescription for seeing them was only for ONE thing and not for all of my ailments.

These last few years have been especially frustrating, but a friend of mine in North Andover told me about BuildU and although it is 35-50 minutes from my home I figured I didn't have anything to lose at this point. I am SO glad I did! While I have only been coming for three weeks now the pain in my left knee is gone. I've been pushing pretty hard these last few days and I'm surprised there has been no pain. None. I seriously can't believe it. I have not yet seen huge results yet on my other issues, but I am cautiously optimistic given it has only been three weeks and my knee already feels better than it has in years. 

If you want to deal with someone who will listen to you about your WHOLE body and everything that ails you and come up with a personalized plan for your entire body and not just one symptom that your primary doctor wrote a prescription for then BuildU is the place you should be. I highly recommend it."

-Kyle Sisk, Arlington MA, 48

“I am 48 years old and have been playing sports, running, and working out for over 40 years. I ran track in high school, college, and I am still an avid runner. The problem is I forget I am 48 years old. Despite countless coaches, physicians, and trainers telling me I should stretch; I have never been someone who stretches before or after a workout. As a result from all of this I have absolutely no flexibility. I can’t touch my knees never mind my toes. The workout I dreaded the most since joining Build-U was the Wednesday stretch day. My shoulders are especially an issue for me as I can’t event put my hands directly over my head to signal touchdown. When I try it looks like I am pointing at something out in front of me.

As the injuries have started to become more frequent I knew I had to try to improve my flexibility and mobility. I signed up for a recovery session with Nick and I knew that he had his work cut out for him. In my session we focused on my shoulders. The session was not as painful as I thought but the results were amazing. After just one session I was able to put both my arms directly over my head and was even able to touch areas of my own back that I was never able to before.

So for all those fellow 40 and 50 somethings who still think they can do what they did twenty five years ago, I highly recommend the Build U Recovery program to help keep you healthy and injury free!”

-Joe Connelly, Windham NH, 48

“We’re both excited about the workouts at Build U and the latest addition, the ReCover_U Program.  We’ve both been active adults enjoying outdoor activities throughout the year, skiing, hiking, running, etc (trying to keep up with our kids!).  While we’re both excited to maintain healthy lifestyles, getting older certainly comes with its fair share of nagging injuries, both old and new.  The guys at Build U have been outstanding trainers and we can’t say enough about the addition of the ReCover_U Program. Old shoulder problems are no match for Build U, who not only modify our workouts, but more importantly identify the source of our injuries and come up with the right solutions so that we can maintain and improve our fitness levels.  We look forward to many more years of being active.”

-Maura and Dave Furtado, Windham NH

“A shattered ankle at age 50 left me with pins, plates, one leg slightly shorter than the other and a large permanent bruise on the inside of my ankle.  Over time, my knees became painful and weaker and my hips were misaligned, so that by 2015, I limped constantly, dreaded stairs. Pain regularly kept me from a good night’s sleep. Daily walks were impossible.  Neither surgery nor multiple PT sessions provided relief. I heard about the ReCover U program, and decided to give it a shot. Within weeks, my balance was better, my knees were stronger, and I reached a surprising level of physicality that gave me great confidence. I am pretty much pain free these days, no longer panic at a set of stairs without a railing, the bruise is just about gone, and I can sleep through the night. My program is regularly adjusted, which keeps me motivated. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and their “whole body” approach has led to a level of activity I thought was far behind me. They are talented and dedicated trainers and make BuildU the best choice for anyone who wants to be healthy and fit for the rest of their life. “

-Diane Riemer, Andover MA, 68

“This unique “Recovery” program designed to address each individual’s personal needs.  You can schedule time for 1 on 1 attention to assist with chronic personal athletic training issues you may have.  Challenged by prior sports/chronic injuries?  Trying to become active again after surgery? Struggling with a nagging muscle pull/strain?  These 1 on 1 recovery sessions are truly what separates BuildU from other training facilities.  Their approach to recovery is very personalized and unique to you and your situation!  They will help you by providing stretches, tissue manipulation and exercises designed to improve your ability to work out pain free!  

You won’t find more caring trainers - dedicated to helping you on your health and fitness journey. I would HIGHLY (5 STARS!) recommend BuildU for anyone who is looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

-Carol Martini, Salem NH, 56